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Artists urge govt to remove brokers

Artists and musicians have urged the government to remove brokers between them and the Safaricom company in order to benefit with their sweat directly .

Speaking after meeting artists and musicians From all over Kenya where they choose ngaruya junior to be their chairman and link to Ruto government.

They said among the 10 shillings that zikiza tune gets they normally get one shilling fifthy cent while brokers and Safaricom takes the rest but they said they signed this agreements with the PRDP’S without knowledge and instead they are supposed to benefit most with this 10 shillings and get 7 shillings instead.

They supported the government plan to affordable housing as they will be the first beneficialies to get the houses .

They have languished in porvety for long in the industry without benefit while Middle men are meanting millions that’s why they need Ruto government to remove middle men in the game .

They decided to support affordable housing due to they are most affected as most of the artists live on poverty and when they die they are force to fundraise double for burial and also for building as house in the family which makes it More expensive for them.

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