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Sasapay Deploys Escrow services

Sasapay, CBK regulated Fintech is flontearing as the emerging reliable superhero of online transactions, here to save the day! Their new Escrow service is like payment superpower. A protective bubble that keeps your money safe and sound until both parties in a transaction are happy.

“SasaPay provides you with an Escrow e-wallet account which receives and disburses money for the primary transacting parties, with the disbursement dependent on conditions agreed to by the transacting parties.”

The escrow services are also available through sasapay API’s giving the innovators and e-commerce providers access to uterize it on their solutions.

” Our dream is to empower our customers to build trust within payment processes. This will foster growth and innovative solutions built through SasaPay platform.

Its exciting for us as we witness all payments solutions converging at sasapay platform”.

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