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Giving Teen Mothers A Second Chance

In Kenya, most girls drop out of school due to teen pregnancies.

Statistics show that 98% of these girls do not resume class.

It’s for this reason that a social entrepreneur, Ivy Aki, co-founder and CEO of Gingko Africa thought of giving the girls a second chance through entrepreneural empowerment.

In an exclusive interview, the chief executive officer shared with us her vision to make sure that the girls get another chance and more so to make sure that they are able to face life in spite of all the challenges that they face.

“”We train and capacity-build these teen mothers and we also extend sexual and reproductive health education to them. At the moment over 80 girls have gone through the Entrepreneurial Empowerment Program and they are able to make notebooks for sale. Through these initiatives, the girls can be able to sustain themselves and fend for their young ones and also at the same time be able to go back to school,” the CEO noted.

The youthful CEO Madam Ivy, called for sustainable ways of girl child empowerment.

“Instead of giving the girls the fish, we teach them how to fish. This is a more sustainable approach other than giving the girls handouts. If you give the girl that sanitary pad today, what about tomorrow? It’s better to equip the young ones with the entrepreneurial skills,” she noted

Other than the girl child, Madam Ivy has been on the frontline offering mentorship programs to the boy child as well using a guidebook published by Gingko Africa, Blossom Through Teenagehood book.

You can support the craftsmanship of teen mothers and get a copy of the Blossom Through Teenaghoos book by contacting Gingko Africa are through;
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Instagram: Gingko.Africa
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Phone number: 0799766690

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