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Kirinyaga woman Rep calls for recognition of SMEs

Kirinyaga woman representative the Honorable Wakili Njeri Maina has expressed her passion for small and medium enterprises and called for them to be acknowledged in what they do in their contribution to the growth of our Economy.

Speaking at the Pacesetters Awards that was held Friday Evening Hon. Njeri noted,

“We are here for pacesetters award and we are here to ensure that MSMEs are recognised and they are given the proper space to thrive in the industry and I want to say on behalf of the Government of Kenya Kwanza that we are very much committed in ensuring that we are creating the right environment so that we can have a robust economic development so that we can also expand the tax base and fund development projects in Kenya.

MSMEs are really a huge part of the Kenya Kwanza Manifesto and the plan we promised the people of Kenya. And I can assure you that on behalf of the PS Susan Mangeni she’s very committed to this course and she is very committed to ensuring that we have removed all the trade barriers to ensure that we have the proper environment so that SMEs can thrive.”

Hon Njeri also advised women to continue to claim their space without fear.

“Women leadership in all spaces not only in politics even in business have come of age and we can see and we are proud to see that women are taking up space, and they are leading in various corporations and I want to congratulate women and tell them that there’s still more that can be done and the space and the world is yours for the taking and as we say the sky is the limit for women leadership and even in the business sector and all other sectors in this country. We can see that women are pushing the narrative and they are ensuring that they break the boundaries.”

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