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The National Assembly’s Departmental Committee on Sports and Culture on Tuesday witnessed the magnanimous facelift that Bomas of Kenya has undergone in the recent past in a bid to position itself as a cultural custodian and ideal meeting place.

The Committee, led by the Vice Chair Hon. James Wamacukuru (MP Kabete), was conducting the inspection visit to evaluate the progress made in its rehabilitation efforts.

The committee commended the management of Bomas of Kenya for the improvements in terms of how the corporation has been transformed and how it has embraced technology in preserving our cultural heritage.

The State Department of Culture was allocated funds to rehabilitate the auditorium in the Financial Year 2021/2022, and the Committee was satisfied with the works undertaken.

Additionally, the Committee was also keen to explore the opportunities that the department can make use of to benefit from the preservation of our culture.

The Committee members collectively commended Ms Peninah Malonza, the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, Ms Ummi Mohammed, the Principal Secretary for the State Department of Culture, and Mr Peter Gitaa, the Chief Executive Officer of Bomas of Kenya, for their commendable work in restoring and facelifting the centre. They recognized the centre as a crucial element in preserving our national identity.

During their remarks, the legislators also urged the Ministry and Department boards to find more effective ways of integrating culture into Kenya’s vibrant tourism programs. They emphasized the potential for generating revenue through appropriation in aid (A-in-a) as a means of achieving self-sustainability.

A nominated MP Hon Jackson Kosgei challenged the management of Bomas to continue showcasing Bomas of Kenya as the gateway to knowing the culture of Kenya.

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