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Media, Youths told to propagate Swahili language, KNATCOM says

By Jeff Kizzilah

KNATCOM-UNESCO Sec-General and CEO Mr.James Njogu has urge the region including the diaspora to speak and promote swahili language.

He said swahili language brings people together and it monumental which should be promoted by all Africa countries.

Speaking during Global Africa Diaspora Forum the (Kiswahili Day) held in Nairobi today,Mr Njogu recommended the use of Kiswahili language in all our institutions and engagements across continent,he said throgh the language we find our identity of Africa.

He has applauded the urge the Africa diaspora who organised the Kiswahili day to identify swahili as Africa component and said Unesco uses Kiswahili to promote development.

KNATCOM’s mandate is to promote Kenya’s national interests in UNESCO and UNESCO’s international interests in Kenya, regionally and globally in the areas of Education, Sciences, Culture, and Communication and Information.

Mr.Njogu has urge youths, as well as media to carry it forward by speaking share news and information in order spread the interest about the swahili.

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