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Women Wealth Creation

Anytime she dips her hand in her wonder basket, Madam CEO Esther Muchemi of Samchi Group, fishes out something wondrous for us.

Today she is telling us more about women in wealth creation:


This sounds almost like a contradiction, especially in Africa.
Women creating wealth…..

Many still don’t believe that women are good stewards of wealth leave alone makers of wealth.

We all must agree that wealth in a woman’s hands has a great probability of transforming a family, a society and a Nation.

Today I want to tell us to allow women to create wealth, and to men I want to tell you, you may never appreciate this until you are no more or until for one reason or another you can’t fend for your family.

It is terrible to be in a position of regret just because you blocked your woman from becoming economically empowered, no matter how little this could be.

I have seen it, I have experienced it.
It makes a whole lot of difference when a woman is economically empowered.

To us women, don’t be discouraged. Start with the little you have, invest it in what you can afford. The compounded interest is so powerful that you will marvel at what this can do for you over time .

The idea is just get started at where you are.

My great people, this will be our conversation in the next few weeks.

Anything you would like us to mention? Share with us in the comment section.

So we keep it here.”

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