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Airtel launches its thrilled 5G in kenya

By Jeff Kizzilah

Airtel Kenya, a leading telecommunications and mobile money services provider announce today the launch of its highly anticipated Airtel 5G network in Kenya.

Speqking during the launch in Nairobi, Mr. Ashish Malhotra, the Managing Director of Airtel Kenya, emphasized the company’s dedication to enabling seamless connectivity by unveiling this cutting-edge 5G network. Currently, Airtel Kenya’s over 370 active 5G sites are strategically positioned in 16 counties and 180 wards nationwide.

“Today marks a significant milestone as we proudly introduce our 5G network, a state-of-the-art infrastructure that provides data speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G, incredibly low latency, and the ability to seamlessly connect billions of devices. Airtel 5G will revolutionize various sectors, such as smart cities, education, healthcare, Agri-tech, transport systems, entertainment, and more,” shaping the future of Kenya.”Mr. Malhotra states

With Airtel’s 5G network, customers can now enjoy ultra-fast real-time connectivity for activities like multiplayer online gaming, live streaming, content uploads and downloads, as well as ultra-reliable wireless home internet. Moreover, businesses that rely heavily on data for web-based applications and virtual meetings will experience greater connectivity.

The Airtel 5G network will be concentrated in specific zones, including highly populated residential areas, malls, hospitals, city centers, and central business districts. These designated 5G zones will be clearly marked for customers’ convenience in identifying and accessing faster internet speeds. To connect to the 5G network, customers will need compatible devices.

Aligned with Airtel’s commitment to providing affordable services, the company is pleased to offer 5G Home Broad Band for Enterprise and SME Unlimited Packages for as low as Ksh 3,500 per month. The 5G packages include 5G Unlimited 10Mbps at Ksh 3,500, 5G Unlimited 30Mbps at Ksh 5,500 and 5G Unlimited 50Mbps at Ksh7,500 per month, respectively. There are also volume-based data plans for individual homes available from Ksh 2,999.

This 5G network rollout is part of Airtel Kenya’s comprehensive infrastructure growth plan, which aims to enhance seamless connectivity for all its products and support Kenya’s digital innovation and inclusivity.

“Our 5G launch positions Airtel at the forefront of a technological revolution that exemplifies our dedication to progress, innovation, and empowering our people. The benefits that will transform businesses and industries will create opportunities to further unlock Kenya’s potential. Together, let us build a future where connectivity knows no bounds, innovation knows no limits, and Kenya stands tall as a digital powerhouse,” said Anthony Shiner, Chief Commercial Officer of Airtel Africa.

Currently, Airtel Kenya’s network infrastructure spans over 3,200 sites, providing coverage to 89% of all 47 counties. The company will be rolling out 650 additional sites this year of which 50% have been deployed. This is Airtel Kenya’s largest network expansion rollout in any given year.

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