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Jijenge Ready To Enhance School’s Mobility

Jijenge Credit has for a very long time deserved the accolade as the best microfinance that offers pocket friendly loans.
To add the icing on the cake, Jijenge is now extending credit facility to education institutions to enhance their mobility.
“Attention All School Owners!

We offer assist financing, get that school bus you’ve always wanted for your school!
All you need is a logbook or a title deed.”
Jijenge Credit is a non-deposit taking Micro Finance Lending Institution with over 10,000 clients in Kenya, Sudan and Tanzania, and its head office is at Town House, Nairobi, Kenya.
Our greatest advantage the demand for microfinance products that is very high especially among SMEs who are the company’s main client. Jijenge Credit looks to aid those who are unable to access financial services.

JIjenge Credit Limited Number one for Logbook Loans, Salary Check off loans, Bid Bonds, and Asset Financing. Visit us: Nairobi, Town House, 6th floor, Suite 605☎️0711282727 | 0102282727 | 0703282727

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