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TIFA releases public opinion data about Kenya kwanza performance

By irene mwende

Trends and insights for Africa Africa (TIFA) has today released a public opinion data about Kenya kwanza government performance. The opinion poll data conducted recently by TIFA focuses on the Kenya kwanza government performance that comprises of direction that Kenya is heading, achievements of Kenya kwanza’s government, overall performance rating the government in fulfilling its campaign promises and best performing cabinet secretarySpeaking during the presser chief executive officer Trends and insights for Africa (TIFA) Maggie Ireri stated that the opinion poll data findings shows that the direction that Kenya is heading from march verses June the rate of 56% of Kenyans feel the country is heading to the wrong direction due to the high cost of living that is recently faced by Kenyans”Opinion poll data in march compared to June about whether Kenya is heading right direction has declined from 37% to 25% due to economy hardships ” said Madam IreriShe further highlighted that opinion poll data of people suggesting Kenya is heading to wrong direction has raised from rate of 48% to 56% in June due to high cost of living The CEO noted that some of the opinion poll data shows the achievements of Kenya kwanza’s government like launch of hustler fund and stabilization cost of fertilizerShe further stated that the opinion poll data ranks the cabinet secretary for interior and national administration kithure kindiki as the most performing cabinet secretary with rate of 34% that as increased from march from 26% and this shows cabinet secretary for interior and administration kithure kindiki is doing a great jobIn conclusion she further stated some other performing cabinet secretaries according to the opinion poll data Cabinet secretary for education Ezekiel Machogu with rate of 7% The opinion polls data shows the direction that Kenya kwanza government is heading, achievements for the Kenya kwanza government, failures of Kenya kwanza’s government and best performing cabinet secretaries

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