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Statement by PPLC

PPLC is a statutory body bringing together all fully registered political parties in Kenya. We exist as an inter-party platform for dialogue on Matters of Electoral reform, peace, and multi-party democracy.
From the onset, considering the diverse opinions of our membership, we endeavour to be as nonpartisan as pose;ible. That said, PPLC has a cardinal duty to add its’ voice to the raging national debate.
Fellow Kenyans, we find ourselves confronted with a crisis that threatens our very existence as a nation. Each and every Kenyan must understand that the solution to this situation lies not in militant or grandiose grandstanding, but in dialogue. We must climb down from our high places and approach the dialogue table. PPLC therefore. wishes to state the following;

    Fellow Kenyans. At the centre of this crisis is the reconstitution of the IEBC. answers to this quagmire were provided by the Justice Kriegler Commission. Our elections must deliver finality; so that we can return to our homes as well as have a retum to normalcy in our day-today activities. PPLC calls upon patriotic Kenyans to interrogate the Kriegler report and its various recommendations on our elections. It is worth noting that like many other well-meaning reports, the Kriegler report continues to gather dust somewhere. Yet to date. there has yet to be any other credible solution for electoral reform in Kenya. PPLC recommends full implementation of the Independent Review Commission (IRIJ,C’) report. Kenyans arc aware (hat results have always a minefield of manner of allegations, Al all levels. the MCA to the presidential level. the results transmission path will always bc faulted. Wc must infuse the results transmission path with a high level of credibility and probity. A full implementation of the Kriegler recommendations on election results transmission will ensure that or loses with resounding finality.
    Justicc Kriegler also warned us against appointing I EBC commissioners at the last minute. ‘[his last-minute culture has the potential of having rxx»kie commissioners grope their way through elections. We are advised to appoint commissioners at least two years betOre an election.
    current has the potential of delaying the process and repeating the mistakes ofthe past.
    Kriegler Commission also noted the worrying lack of dialogue and engagement between critical electoral stakeholders- political parties in particular. For this reason, he recommended the creation of the PPLC. Fellow Kenyans, we cannot fight and maim each other out of the current crisis. will be no Kenya left. However, we can dialogue and engage each other out of it.
    PPLC therefore, recommends the following.
    l. That the current political hostilities, impasse, and grandstanding cease forthwith.
  3. That an all-inclusive Kenya National Dialogue and Healing Conference be initiated. This should include all fully registered political parties, religious leaders, civil societies, and professional bodies.
  4. The current bipartisan engagement runs the risk of reducing the process to a political tussle between a small section ofthe Political class. Other well-meaning Kenyans too, have a right to be heard. They deserve a place at the table.
    Indeed, this is fast snowballing into a National Disaster and should probably be declared as such. Unfortunately. there are no quick fixes to this. PPLC therefore wishes to state the following:
    a. There is need for a critical review of the devolved function of agriculture. It is from here that Kenyas will be fed. Unfortunately, and truth be said, agriculture is on its deathbed. As a nation, we must increase our funding to agriculture to even beyond the 10% stipulated in the Malaba declaration, to which Kenya is a signatory.
    b. That the govcmmcnt moves with speed to curb corruption and the wastage of public mnds. Our taxes will only count for something if protected from itchy fingers. On this m»te. PPLC is alarmed by the high cost of health care in the country. The recent goings on at the NIIIF do not inspire much confidence. We urge the [)CI and EACC to move with speed and bring to book the perpetrators of the heinous insurance fraud. At the moment. sickness is a direct ticket to poverty. if not death, to a majority of Kenyans.
    c. That the government should conduct a comprehensive audit of the myriad of taxes levied on petroleum products with a view to bringing down the cost ofthe commodity. This will have a positive knock-on effect on other essential commodities and services,
    i.e„ unga, transport. fertilizer. etc.
    PPLC is ofthe view that the winner takes it all system has failed the nation. Every vote counts and must play a part in the governance structure ofour nation. It is high time we examined our electoral structure to cure the alienation and exclusion in the current arrangement. Maybe a full proportional representation or any other matrix along such lines is what we need. It is on the basis of this that PPLC recommends that all protagonists come to the table for dialogue on electoral reforms in a bid to find a lasting solution to the endemic problems that crop up after every election. Ifeverybody is brought on board, then maybe we will not have Kenyans feeling marginalized after elections.
    Peaceful Protests: We call upon all parties to respect the rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. It is essential that law enforcement agencies exercise restraint and adhere to proper protocols to ensure the safety of the public during protests. On the other hand. it is paramount for the protestors to adhere to the bounds of the law as provided for in Article 37 ofthe COK 2010, i.e„ they should be unarmed, peaceful, and orderly.
    Finally. PPLC reiterates that there is hope for our nation. We can overcome all these challenges if only we pull together in the true spirit ofHARAMBEE. God bless Kenya.

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