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Jijenge Credit Boss Calls for Sobriety

The Founder and Managing Director of Jijenge Credit, Kenya’s Premier and leading credit only microfinance Mr. Peter Macharia Kamau has taken a moment to implore on our National leaders to embrace dialogue and reconciliation in a bid to heal our country.

This follows tension that was triggered by Azimios brigade pronouncement that there is going to be three consecutive days of nationwide protests.

The Azimio brigade is pointing out at the high cost of living as the rationale behind their call for demos ..

But Mr. Peter Macharia Kamau looked at the whole issue from a different perspective

“It’s not the time to weigh who is heavier or who amasses more influence than the other. Kenya is greater than an individual. So I’m imploring upon the r
Leaders to embrace the voice of reason and shun any calls for protests, demonstrations or even instability. We’ve just come from the after effects of COVID 19, then a prolonged drought exacerbated the fragile economy. now when we are on the path to recovery, let no one try to deter us,'” the Mr Peter Macharia Kamau observed.

Mr. Kamau is echoing the church’s call for an end to violence and to embrace dialogue and reconciliation.

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