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Madam CEO thought for today

Samchi Group Founder and Chief Executive Officer Madam Esther Muchemi has dipped her hand in the basket of goodies and fished out something really nice.


This is a very strong emotion so to speak.

All humans’ needs, solutions and fulfillments must always start at a basic need level, i.e. food, clothing and shelter.

After this they will then move to self actualisation, i.e., feeling important, having power etc.

This later group will do what they must do, use their wealth, influence etc., to fulfill this need.

So next time, you see a leader make a move, question the real motive, the spirit, behind the move.
Is it about your needs or their need (self actualisation) comouflaged, the chameleon way?

Let me help you-;
Most leaders, political, business, or many others, fight for self actualisation , not for their food, and probably not yours.

Just take a minute and confirm to yourself where you are at in the hierarchy of needs and stand on that truth.

We must call ourselves back to the truth.

Remain focused.

We wish Madam CEO a beautiful day and a prosperous week

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