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CPA Rutto Cautionary Word To Azimio

The Member of Parliament elected to represent the people of Kesses Constituency in the National Assembly CPA Julius Rutto has fired a warning shot to Azimio in their quest for the so called Justice after planned chaotic demos.

“There is a narrative the opposition side are trying to sell about killing of innocent kids by the police in a bid to attract the attention of the ICC, this is untrue and we are well aware of all this,trying to taint the police force as criminals and murderers is just but a “Hot Air”

Moreover, why are they hiding behind the Article 37 of the constitution that grants the citizens right for a peaceful demonstrations but what we have witnessed in the recent past for example in mlolongo two weeks ago was an exact opposite of peaceful demos. The police were not even around but the demonstrators decided to destroy and vandalize public properties.

We are well aware of all this schemes but we will not relent in our commitment as leaders from the government side of protecting lives and properties of hardworking Kenyans.

The police deserve our gratitude and utmost respect, they risk their lives every day, often encountering worst scenarios but on top of it all they have always maintained professionalism.

Raila Odinga and co should know that there is no sharing of government through shedding of blood. He should know that the only way to get into government is through the ballot as anchored in the constitution.”

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