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AMT Africa New technology to improve Road safety

By Jeff Kizzilah

AMT- Africa Software Innovative company has rolled-out a safety management software to help keep drivers alert on the roads.

The New safety will actively alerts drivers in any case there is an emergency situations on the road like drowsiness detection,Distraction detection,overspeeding detection or collision detection or event recording.

Mr. Jonathan Kola CEO of AMT says we have brought a safety software innovation to reduce accidents that continues to happen on our roads yearly,”he said

He said that for a long time kenyans have complained about road accidents and thats why he decide to come up with an innovative technology.

According to Kenya innovator,this technology has worked well in big countires like USA and if implemented well in Kenya can reduce upto 30% of accidents happening on our roads today.

While commercial vehicles’ roadworthiness is inspected once a year, it is the safe mechanical condition of a vehicle before and during a trip that matters.

He also adds that the capacity to concentrate on the road can also be negatively influenced by a driver’s personal worries, serious illnesses, and medication.

“We are constantly developing and testing new solutions to enhance safety for drivers”,he said

And this can only be ensured when vihicle owners start using this new technology.

This will help tackle the problem of reckless driving or high speed when it comes to overtaking in unprofessional way.

He has advised the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to ensure vihicles adopt innovative and best practice to reduce accidents on roads.

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