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Bonfire Adventures Mogul challenge young Tour Operators to invest in Kenya

By Jeff Kizzilah

Kenya’s domestic tourism has changed for the better among the many players who in the past decade have disrupted it for the better led by famous Bonfire Adventures.

More investment in the tourist sectorpstly in Kenya is felt largely between the months June and July when areas in the maasai mara ,according to the Bonfire Adventures and he also urge kenya operators keep eye if they want to make a kill of investment.

The Bonfire Adventure is synonymous by its locally and international with affordable domestic and international leisure travel, thanks to its mass tour model.

Started in 2008 by Simon and his wife Sarah Kabu, Bonfire is now the to-go tours and travel company in the country for all classes of people.

Bonfire Adventure CEO Mr.Simon Kabu says Africa have got enough leisure spaces and hotels than any other continent be it in Europe nations or South America combined but as a result of bad reportings from the local and international media which has contributed a lot in making Africa unattractive enough to attract huge tourists to invest or spend in our beaches and leisure hotels.

He said that most tourists view Africa as one country not a continent of over 52 nations because that’s what they read from their media platforms,so its very hard to convince them that Africa is a continent not a country with enormous investment and opportunities.

“When you look at the map Africa,its a huge continent and as tour operators we have requested the Ministry of Tourism to expand their marketing campaigns beyond Africa, the foreign media are very biased in their reports towards us Africa continent therefore we normally urge international media to stop the motive or the mindsets and give thecontinenta good image,”he said

As Bonfire Adventures we has urge more tourists operators in kenya and Africa as a whole to come join hands we market kenya and Africa as a destination together,because we aŕe the pioneer in this sector.

He explains that tourism is a good sector but it needs alot of discipline and time intensive so if you want to come you must know that challenges like way of flight from country to country and customers expect to move or operaters in 24hours.

Bonfire Adventure is a global tour and traveling company that is known world-wide with its way of business and its customers.

” I want to tell the young people that success is not a one time event its a baby steps and many people fail because whatever you want to do first tome they choose another plan, so to succeed you must not give up because its not easy to be on the top priority in this sector like us ,”Simon adds

He says that nowadays bonfire Adventure’s strategy and works is in our school curriculum people are reading about our stories and many high level colleges and universities have put it as a course or a subject in order to continue to inspire more people, whom in future might anticipate to do or join this sector of tourim.

He also advises that as an operators that for you to be like Bonfire Adventures you must be persistent, prayers all the time,perserviour because this bbusiness is life is like a book and travelling is like a page and thats what gives your company experience to grow and wins many hearts of customers.

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