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It is just the other day, actually yesterday, that I decided to go to the spa for my facial treatment and hair do.

Those who know me know that I rarely drive myself and getting lost to a destination scares me to death.
I never like feeling like I am not sure of where I am going to.

So for me, my PA and my driver manage the process. All I care about is getting there in good time, using the most convenient route at that time of the day.

But yesterday I realized how “surrendered” l am to that ‘being managed.’

I realized, left on my own, I wouldn’t know which roads to take, neither would I know the name of the building or entrance to the salon without help.

Terrible this sounds!

But wait a minute I thought-:

That’s exactly what happens when you allow people to take your life’s steering wheel.
They control the how, the speed, the route to take etc. The difference being, unlike my journey, the destination is in their hands as well.

This, I concluded, should not happen!

Don’t surrender your steering wheel to anybody, not your friends, not your enemies and definitely not to social media that has become so powerful.

Remain in control, remain the driver of your life’s steering wheel.

My random thoughts these were.

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