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A Consumers Perspective on BNPL

A consumer, Mr Timothy Nandokha an Enterprenuering Interior Architect Twenty Twenty Design Limited has taken a moment to share with us his perspective on the issue of Buy Now Pay Later abbreviated as BNPL.

“Importance of BNPL

  • In my opinion It provides an easy cash flow management solution for the buyer at checkout be it in store or online.

Shortcomings of BNPL

  • The biggest of course is as pointed out by the CRB panelist; opportunistic fraudsters especially in the earlier years.


  • I personally like Spot-It’s offering because it looks seamless and paperless
  • The integration into the banking apps means it provides me with an opportunity to know my limit well prior to making the purchase decision

How Best to Improve the Day to Day Utilities

  • Creating symbiotic relationships where providers drive traffic to merchants and merchants also push offers via advertising in house on the platforms to consumers on deals and other services


  • We need more players in the field with this kind of innovation to improve services to the end user.
  • Craft Silicon seem to have done a thorough analysis of the snags we currently experience in the market and are way on their way to becoming industry leaders in this field having addressed these concerns aptly

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