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Kenya Young Parliamenterian association disputes claim of coup

Kenya Young Parliamenterian association led by the newly elected chair Hon Gitonga Mukunji who is member of parliament Manyatta Constituency has disputed claims of a coup within the Caucasus and affirms that the changes have come through after deliberations with members.

Speaking to journalist within the parliament buildings Hon Mukunji says the association for a long time has been undergoing a fall out, experiencing integrity issues with claims of embezzlement of funds.

” For a long time the association has been very dormant and so we are here today to reclaim and revive the association that has for a long time has been very dormant , and less activities carried out following the required mandate .”Says Hon Mukunji.

According to the Caucasus Chair, elections were conducted after an AGM Meeting that convened and elected the 3 members of the committee including the chair Hon Gitonga Mukunji, Amina Siad Secretary General Women Member of parliament Garrisa county and Gideon kimayo treasurer elect.

The leadership is leading more than 70 young parliamenterians who are under the 13th parliament where the secretary general is assuring the members that the new leadership will foresee accountability on resources and opinion shaping towards bills and other legislations.

While assuring of no partisan interest within the the association the secretary general promised Hon Amina stated that she’s a member from the Azimio and affirmed that all young parliamenterians have no party affiliations when matters Youth come to effect.

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