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Epic A Reliable Partner For Business People

For many business people wishing to travel abroad, it’s always an uphill task for them to get a genuine partner to hold their hand in their new overseas ventures.
But now, a partner is at hand in the name of Epic Business Tours, under the wise leadership of the founder and managing director George Mwangi Mbogo.
Epic Business Tours has planned to take business people to China for the Canton Fair from the 14th October to 2nd November 2023.
According to Mr. Mbogo, the Canton Fair provides an ample opportunity to the business people to sample the varieties presented ranging from electronics, furniture, household goods and even machinery.
“I’m advising the youths to join various groups such as to benefit from various opportunities such as the youth fund in order to be able to start businesses for self reliance.”
To make it even juicier, for those who are not able to afford the 2950 USD there’s an Epic Soko whereby one is able to order for goods and have them dispatched within a week.

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