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Young innovators targeted in ambitious program

In Kenya, the age groups of 20-24 and 25-29 continue to record the highest proportion of unemployed at 16.3 percent and 9.1 percent, respectively. This has made, the youth aged 20-24 have the highest rate of long-term unemployment (continuous periods of unemployment extending for one year or longer) which stands at 13.5 percent. (According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (2021).

It is out of this concern, that the Labour and Skills Development Principal Secretary, Geoffrey Kaituko, officiated a high-level Meeting on the Eagles Nest Television Programme, earlier Tuesday, at the Serena Hotel Nairobi.

Eagles Nest is an upcoming television program that is a conception of the State Department for Labour and Skills Development, in collaboration with other stakeholders from big organizations such as, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), Chandaria Business Innovation and/ Incubation Canter- Kenyatta University, Kenya Industrial Property Institute(KIPI) and National Youth Enterprise Fund, among others.

‘‘This is a national initiative designed to empower young innovators to commercialize their innovations and become innovation-driven entrepreneurs towards enhancing job creation and economic growth’’, said PS Kaituko , adding that this will be a great opportunity to change the way of thinking and doing things.

KBC will produce and air the programmes by sound or television, Kenyatta University will educate, train and help in research and knowledge transfer to promote entrepreneurship, KIPI protect and promote industrial property rights, where’s NYEF will be mandated to provide affordable credit to youth owned enterprises among other things.

The Eagles Nest programme will target young innovators with viable and potentially profitable innovation-driven business ideas, who lack funding and business skills, notwithstanding their level of education. This program is expected to run every Sunday for three months.

Present in the meeting were, Secretary Skills Development, Dr. Wanjiru Kariuki, KBC managing Director Mr. Samuel Maina, CEO of Youth Enterprise Development Fund, Mr. Josiah Moriasi, KIPI Managing Director, Mr. John Onyango and Kenyatta University VC Prof K. Wainaina, who was represented, among others.

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