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Empowering Healthcare Payments: SasaPay Partners with MedSource

Exciting news! SasaPay is thrilled to collaborate with MedSource, Kenya’s pioneering medical group purchasing organization.

This partnership aims at making healthcare payments more efficient and easier. Our innovative financial solutions are set to simplify processes, cut costs, and boost
revenue cycles for healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

MedSource will now become a premium healthcare provider on the SasaPay App, marking a significant step towards expanding its reach in Kenya and beyond. The goal is to enhance healthcare services for all Kenyans.

With contactless, digital healthcare payment solutions, we’re helping healthcare providers simplify billing, enhance payment collections, and have better financial management. This marks the beginning of a new era in seamless healthcare payments.

Stay tuned as SasaPay and MedSource work together to revolutionize healthcare payments.

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