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Morning Thoughts From Queen of Networking

The Queen of Networking Sarah Karingi has taken a moment to share with us a morning thought.

She notes,

‘There is no better exercise for the heart like helping someone up.

What we do for ourselves alone dies with us;what we do for others is timeless.Honor is given to those who give but not for what they receive.When we help people climb a mountain,we find ourselves at the summit too.

The book of proverbs says its possible to give away and become richer but its possible to hold too tightly and lose everything.He who waters others shall be watered too.

By giving,you create room for more growth.Make a commitment to leave others better than you found them.Grow and enhance peoples talents and abilities.Let people know you are behind them.What we do for others means alot to them;lift as many as you can,pat their shoulders when they do good,praise and gift those who do well.To the weak,mentor them more,give them hope and encouragement.

l am so passionate about Networking as it is all about building people up.

On Saturday 12th Aug 2023,amongst other leaders l spent the whole day with the Youth at a speaking event held at Meridian Best Western Hotel.”

From our desk we wish Queen of Networking all the best.

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