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Thoughts From National Youth Leader

Jacob Omondi Odhiambo is a National Youth leader and he has taken a moment to share with us his thoughts.

“While the talks between the government and the opposition continue at the BOMAS OF Kenya, the young people have encouraged those involved to put the bar ahead of the rewards of life and the way the young people will get jobs apart from things related to the IEBC commission which it’s procedure for re-constitution is clearly outlined in the constitution of Kenya 2010 adding that the elections ended and the president of Kenya was elected.

Led by the national youth leader in the country, Jacob Odhiambo, the youths say that handshake greetings are not important and should not be given a chance since it sets bad precedence. The government should be allowed to do their work and fulfill their pledges to the electorates while the opposition criticize and keep the government on watch.

Also, the importance of respecting the president has been highlighted where’s leaders from both the political divide have been encouraged to avoid negative remarks that divide Kenyans. The opposition leaders have been urged to accept the fact that there’s a constitutionally elected president in office and should henceforth stop misleading their gullible supporters that they don’t recognize the presence of the Head of state and his Deputy. The police have also been urged to be professional while discharging their duties.”

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