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Private guards push for review of regulatory body functions

Kenya National Private Security Workers Union (KNPSWU) has challenged the government to review functions of their regulator, claiming it failed to address their plight.
The union said Private Security Regulatory Authority(PSRA) has been executing its tasks against the objectives laid during its launch by former President Uhuru Kenyatta.
They said the body has continued to oppress the guards.
KNPSWU chair Isaac Andabwa said the leadership of the body has hampered the development of the sector and their efforts to realise their dream.
“The problems we are facing as a sector have placed us in an awkward position by the leadership of PSRA board led by Fazul Mohamed hampering our efforts to achieve the reform agenda in the security sector,” said Andabwa.
Andabwa said that the body has been using its powers to register and award licences to new companies which underpay their workers and defies governments act on minimum wage.
He also blamed the national assembly for calling off motions on their reforms, which if passed may have addressed their plight promising to revamp them
As guards we will pressure the parliament to revisit the rules they had closed, reactivate to ensure it passes and help our workers,” Andabwa said.
He called on the government to review employment terms eradicating contracts and instead ensure workers are enjoying a permanent basis.

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