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Mr. Wachira: Let’s Be Keen To Implement

The National Chairman of the Kenya Union of Clinical Officers Peterson Wachira has implored upon the Government to be very keen in implementing the commitments envisioned to better the lives of Kenyans so much so in the healthcare sector.

Mr . Wachira in a news conference Monday faulted the Government for playing lip service yet when it comes to Implementation, it’s zero.

“In 2013 when James Macharia was the Cabinet Secretary for health, we had an ambitious program that would have facelifted the healthcare sector in the country. One pillar of the commitment was to employ 12,000 health care workers annually, but I can tell you and you can take this to the bank that cumulatively for the ten years, we have only achieved less than half of one years’ projection,” Mr wachira noted.

He at the same time pointed out to the government not to bury it’s head in the sand in the pretext of hiring health promoters.

“Health promoters aren’t mainstream healthcare workers . They only advise people on how to prevent illness and what to do when they fall sick. What’s the rationale if they do so only for the patient to find an ill equipped facility or an understaffed one?,” Mr wachira added.

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