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Naomi Waqo Announces a Tourney

The Very Hon. (Canon) Naomi Waqo, CBS, the Woman Representative elected to represent Marsabit County is one leader who is Visionary, strategic, calculative and also thoughtful.

Hon. Waqo has prepared a tourney christened the
Naomi Super Cup Tournament.

The Very Hon. Naomi notes,

“Marsabit, Get ready for the Hon. Naomi SuperCup Tournament.
Mark your calendars for August 25th to 28th as we bring you an action-packed sports event that will captivate Marsabit County.
Featuring 12 incredible teams, including 2 mens’ teams and 1 Womens’ team from each sub county, this tournament is all about unity, talent, and empowerment.
Our themes for this event are so important to us:

  • Promoting Peace: Through the power of sports, we aim to foster unity and understanding among communities.
  • Nurturing Talent: Witness the next generation of sports stars as they showcase their skills and passion on the field.
  • Creating Awareness against FGM: Join us in raising awareness against harmful practices and advocating for a safer future for our girls.
  • Creating Awareness against Drug and Substance Abuse: We’re committed to creating a drug-free and healthy environment for our youth.

Let’s come together to support our teams, celebrate our talent, and champion these crucial causes. Spread the word and be part of something awesome!”

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