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Bishop Thagana Views on Regulating Tiktok

Founder and Apostolic Bishop of Glory Outreach Assembly Ministries Bishop David Munyiri Thagana has taken a moment to share with us his views on the need to regulate social media, and especially Tiktok.
“If Kenya is top in the usage and consumption of Tiktok, then it means it’s a subject worth discussing. It even sparked a debate on the floor of the House to debate whether it should be banned or regulated.
The banning of Tiktok has continued through the week and even triggered the attention of our president Dr William Ruto who promised to engage the owners of Tiktok and see how it can be regulated.
Its important to discuss the entire social media platform. As we look at digital space of the social media,the question we need to ask ourselves is why is this petitioner pushing for a ban of the Tiktok? The main reason is that it is destroying the moral fabric of the society. It’s eroding the morals especially among the young people.
GOA is a strong Advocate of the use of social Media and any other digital platforms because that’s where the people are.
That is why as Goa we cannot advocate for the banning of Tiktok what we can advocate for, is to moderate or regulate. Determine the content that certain classes of people can watch or consume.
Above all is how do we use the social media. I would encourage all Kenyans to embrace a reading culture. Make a habit of reading a book. Knowledge comes through the Books. Make use of the opportunity of the Logos Ship that docked in Mombasa and which will be in Kenya for 45 days with over 5,000 books.”

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