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Investors Raise Red Flag Over Fraud

Investors who banked their money with an investment company are up in arms over what they term as fraud.
The worried investors who number over 7,000 were approached with a mouth watering deal by Bidsworth Auto Rent company that assured them 15 percent return on investment monthly.
After six months receiving the said returns, tables turned and the management of the company started offering excuses whilst breaching the contract.
Speaking to journalists, the investors who had staged a peaceful assembly to the companies premises, explained their frustration when they found the doors were under lock and key and their phones went unanswered.
“Most of our children are out of school because we invested all we had and now we can’t even be able to pay school fees. All we want is our money back and we shall not relent “ they said unequivocally.
Of concern also is that they allege the investment company is out to con people by obtaining money fraudulently.
To add salt to the injury, the company has been changing names in order to evade being noticed.
Efforts by our media team to reach the company’s directors bore no fruit as the phones went unanswered.
An investor who sought anonymity also revealed that the director is on record bragging how he is untouchable since he has connections everywhere.

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