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MELTA Thumbs Up Governor Sakaja

The Chairman of the Medium Liquor Traders Association MELTA Mr Frank Mbogo has expressed his confidence in the leadership of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja.
Here’s what he has to say,
“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Nairobi Governor Sakaja Johnson for his recent directive to cease night operations on bars and nightclubs by county enforcement officers. This decision comes as a welcome relief to bar and club owners in Nairobi, alleviating their concerns and fostering a more conducive operating environment.
We commend Governor Sakaja’s commitment to upholding the law surrounding the sale of liquor and the functioning of bars and nightclubs. His emphasis on ensuring compliance without resorting to unnecessary harassment is a commendable approach that recognizes the importance of a balanced and fair regulatory framework.
Governor Sakaja’s thoughtful statement, “What good does it do to raid clubs, arrest the DJ, confiscate his equipment and send clients scampering? This is not the goal. The goal is to ensure that the proprietors follow the law,” reflects his understanding of the challenges faced by the industry and his dedication to finding practical solutions.
As stakeholders in the bar and nightclub sector, we pledge our cooperation to uphold the laws and regulations set forth by the county. We are inspired by Governor Sakaja’s leadership and his commitment to fostering a conducive environment for both businesses and the community.
We applaud Governor Sakaja for his progressive stance and look forward to a harmonious partnership that contributes to the growth and development of our industry as well as growth and coexistence with the community.”

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