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Kwale Woman leader Views on Africa Climate Summit

Kwale Woman Leader Views on Recently Concluded Africa Climate Summit
Kwale Woman leader the honourable Nimusimu Mwasina has taken a moment of her time to share with us her thoughts on the recently concluded Africa Climate Summit.
β€œThe curtains on the inaugural Africa Climate Summit, have come down for this auspicious occasion jointly convened by the African Union and the Government of Kenya.

Based on the Nairobi Declaration, I can say that the summit was a success, and to a great extent achieved its intended purpose. Credit goes to his excellency the President William Ruto for managing to convene his colleague Heads of State and Government and indeed the entire continent for a conversation that focuses on Africa and climate change, the gleam reality that we all have to accept.
It was a welcome gesture to see opposition leader Raila Odinga among the dignitaries present. Climate change is existential. We are fighting for our right to live and exist. This is truly humanity’s date with destiny. It is the question that must be answered. Africans cannot sit on the side-lines of this one. We must be at the table. The day when decisions were made for us and we clapped is gone and must never come back.

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