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Push For a Pragmatic Approach to address Teen Sex

Renowned family sex Educator Emily Ochieng has taken a moment to share with us her thoughts and call for a more concerted effort in a bid to address the ever growing cases of teen sex.

“We have a number of systemic issues working against girls that need to be addressed holistically along sex education.

Cultural influences drives girls to be given off to men

Poverty and climatic droughts are also a drive. Girls have sex for support to get water, sex for even a pocket money support of as low as 50

When we have normalize to boys during initiation that they are men, do we reflect on impact of this towards sexual engagement

Some of those girls have coerced sex.

She also quips,

What is the county doing to address systemic issues.

Girls also have sex to buy dignity through pads”

This follows revelations that the gravity of teen sex is getting worse by the day.

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