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Wilstone Homes Presents Attractive Off-plan Model for Clients

Leading real estate developer Wilstone Homes, is presenting a very convenient, pocket friendly and value-based model of property ownership – the off plan.

To help us understand this better is none other than Mr. Maurice Mutati Mwendwa Senior Sales Manager Wilstone Homes.

“As Wilstone Homes we are doing affordable homes through the off plan model. Today we had a very successful open day whereby clients from all over the country showed up to witness the work we are doing on the ground.

I’d like to talk a little bit about the off plan model: in the off-plan, a client is able to buy a house in its initial stage of construction. This is beneficial because the value gained during construction is transferred to the investor since the buying price is constant .

Today we were showcasing some of our houses under construction, some upto the lintel and even others upto the truss. We continue to sell whilst building gets underway. In this off-plan our client is able to pay for the house for eighteen months, meaning they start with a threshold deposit of two million shillings and the client is free to choose a flexible payment plan of between fifteen to eighteen months to pay equal monthly installments, quarterly or on construction milestones

Wilstone Homes underscored the importance of owning a house terming it a crucial milestone in one’s life.”

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