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Entrepreneur, cheerleader, captain of the industry, mentor, innovator,.businesslady and above all a God Fearing woman

Equipped with confidence, glamour, a touch of class, elegance and on the other hand armed with irrevocable virtues of honesty integrity and industry.

All these attributes encrown Samchi Group Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Esther Muchemi.

The thoughtful leader, has some food for thought for us today:


Neither of these, on their own, makes you a real success.

They may give you an opportunity, but the work has got to be done.
They may open the door, but the walking into the room must be done.

Every person is born with a talent, a reason, a purpose; so the greatest hindrance to your success cannot be that you are not ” gifted”, it is you have not taken what you are meant to be seriously. You have not personalized it, you have not taken it as ” a matter of life and death”, so to speak.

Honestly, the easy way out, isn’t the road to real success, the tough way in is the road to take.

Stories of success start from -:

‘It was very tough.’ Steve Harvey, for example, slept in his car for three years because he didn’t have a home. Oprah was abused at a young age. What of our own the late Njenga karume? The examples can be many.

Success stories rarely start with success, they become successful.

These stories are stories of resilience, stories of perseverance, stories of raising up again, stories of at one time losing it all.

But then and yes, those tough, painful beginnings, become the very foundations of your success, the reason why you will enjoy the good things in life later on.

I am a firm believer of the saying that, ‘The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.’
I am prepared to eat my frogs early in life as I work out to eat my chicken later in life. Never eat chicken first as the frogs may just be your last dish!

Today I want you to meditate on this-:

Am I at the place I should be?
If yes, focus and pursue your goals till you conquer them all.
If not, call yourself out and give yourself a chance to do it all over again, there is always a second chance.

And yes, we are back and thank you for allowing me into your space.

Happy week ahead.

Madam CEO.”

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