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Honor After Honor For Amb. Nancy Karigithu

Kenya is so blessed to have such a dedicated leader like Kenya’s Ambassador and Special Envoy for maritime Affairs and Blue Economy Amb. Nancy Karigithu.

“I was honoured to join a distinguished Panel of industry experts during last week’s Sustainable Maritime Conference that took place in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Under the Conference theme, “Innovation for a Greener Future”, the panel acknowledged that the maritime industry’s transition to cleaner fuels is crucial in addressing climate change and ensuring sustainable growth, but that opportunities also abound in adopting a maritime circular economy model in order to help ensure sustainability and environmental responsibility.
This means (among others), the better use of materials in the industry and keeping those materials in circulation longer through re-use, recycling and up-cycling; adoption of regenerative nature-based solutions; consideration of the end of the useful life/service of ships and most important, the adoption of sustainable relations and cooperation between ports and port-city stakeholders to develop and implement innovative, dynamic and sustainable systems.
While a complex transformation the Panel acknowledged the need for collaboration between governments, industry players and stakeholders in order to invest in research, capacity building, innovation and the enactment of supporting policies.
Thank you Saudi Ministry of Transport, the Transport General Authority and all the supporting partners for organizing such a rich and invigorating conference.”

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