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CS Miano Shines At KPC at 50

East Africa Community, ASALs and Regional Development Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano, MBS Friday morning shone when given a chance to address a gathering at Kenya Pipeline Corporation was celebrating 50 years.

The Hon CS Rebecca Miano MBS was alongside her Energy Counterpart Davis Chirchir.

The Hon CS Rebecca Miano MBS noted:

“With the objective of the energy sector development under the EAC Vision 2050; sustainable, adequate, affordable, competitive, secure and reliable supply of energy to meet regional needs at the least cost. We pride in the strides we’ve made so far. Congrats Kenya Pipeline on your 50th birthday.”

“The CS further added

While we acknowledge the Non-Tarrif Barriers that derail the uptake of our Petroleum products in some Countries of our region,we commit to continuously engage relevant Agencies with a view to eliminate the same and enhance ease of doing business in EAC. Our uptake will greatly increase with initiatives like the Kisumu Oil Jetty-a multimodal transportation of petroleum products across the region.

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