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Nev Jiwani, Founder of Go Places, Celebrating 30 Years:

“This year marks a significant milestone for Go Places as we celebrate our 30th year. This journey has been monumental for us, and today, we are gathered here for the launch of EARTE & MKTE 2023. This event is not only a collective effort of major East African countries but also a historic moment for Kenya, which has the honor of hosting this expo in Nairobi”.

Kenya holds a pivotal position in the East African region, having hosted numerous global conferences. With the recently concluded Africa Climate Summit, further establishing Kenya as a preferred Tourism & Conference destination globally.

EARTE & MKTE 2023 is a major milestone, uniting East African countries to showcase Africa’s diverse attractions and draw visitors from around the world. It encompasses various facets including tourism, hospitality, culture, and heritage. This convergence of efforts is a testament to our collective determination to make this event a resounding success.

This milestone is not only for Kenya; it is a unifying moment for the entire region. For me, being part of this historic event is a humbling experience. It goes beyond showcasing Kenya as a safari and beach destination; it highlights our cultural, culinary, horticultural, agricultural, wildlife, heritage, marine life, and sustainability efforts.

As the Honorable Madam CS Peninah rightly pointed out, it’s our shared responsibility to safeguard our planet. Together, this initiative offers a comprehensive solution to positively impact both our planet and its people.

After overcoming the challenges posed by COVID-19, Kenya, in particular, has made remarkable progress. Now, as the East African Region, we are taking bold steps forward. I am immensely proud to be part of this program, which holds paramount importance not only for Kenya but for the entire world. It’s a showcase of the richness that East Africa has to offer.

For 11 years, Go Places has collaborated with Magical Kenya Travel Expo. In this edition, we will participate as a media partner, sponsor, exhibitor as well as showcase and promote Gastronomy Tourism through our Chefs Delight Awards program. Visitors to our stand will have the opportunity to savor a diverse array of culinary delights, from local to regional and international cuisines.

With the amalgamation of these two expos, we anticipate an influx of over 100 potential hosted buyers and media representatives from the region, Africa, as well as our source markets globally. During their visit, they will not only witness our destinations but also experience them firsthand through various familiarization programs organized by KTB in collaboration with stakeholders. These hosted buyers and media will play a pivotal role in further marketing Kenya and the region. Their experiential stories, reviews, and features will resonate on websites, social media, and international publications. β€œWe’re here to share the magic that Kenya has to offer with the world.”

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