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Tea Farmers affiliated with KTDA are Happy Lot

Tea Farmers affiliated with the 71 KTDA managed factories in the country are a happy lot owing to upcoming niceties of a bonus that is knocking on their doors.

In a candid interaction with immediate former KTDA Chairman David Muni Ichoho who is currently a board member of Zone 1, he alluded that some of these benefits are fruits of the strategic plan he had laid out in his two years stint at the helm of KTDA.

The Chairman further alluded that farmers especially in zone one will pocket an average of Ksh 63 of Green leaf yielded.

The chairman also spoke of the lucrativeness of Orthodox Tea which he revealed two tea factories in Kiambu – that is Theta and Kambaa are under construction and installation and will commence operation from March 2024.

The chairman reiterated the reforms have borne fruits and has increased farmers earning with an increase of about 80% – 300% since they came into office in June 2021.
The astute leader demonstrated hope for the sector and indicated continued reforms are key to the successes. The bonus payments will hit the farmers banks accounts by 14th October this year.

The sector is faced with many challenges ranging from high inflation, weakening of Kenya shilling, Ukraine/Russia war effects, high costs of fuels, electricity and export market challenges in consuming countries.

The tea sector has demonstrated that committed strong leadership can revive the agriculture to profitability and enhancement of millions of livelihoods. Congratulations to the tea farmers

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