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First Nairobi International Arbitration Week opens

By Jeff Kizzilah
The First of its kind the Nairobi International Arbitration Week opens up, as Africa arbitrators fighting to offer arbitration solutions to global world.

The Nairobi Arbitration week brings together 3000 Practitioners in the arbitration sectors including the construction arbitrators,Investment arbitrators,Commercial arbitration firms across the globe from Asia and European nations.

Speaking to the media Dr. Wilfred Mutubwa Chairperson of Emeritus and Charter Arbitrator said that this Nairobi Arbitration week and conference offers a ground for is us to advocate for Africa solutions and to focus on Africa arbitrators and their centres towards solving Africa disputes, because Africa has contributed to over 20% in solving disputes internationally but only 1% percent can only participatein the international arbitration.
“We want international Arbitration to focus on Africa solutions using African arbitrators,African cities, as well as African Arbitration centres,African experience and thats whatwe call Africanisation,”he added

Although international arbitrators are generally considered to be among the “best in the world”, other than counterparts in Africa.

“It’s not just about recognizing their achievements but also highlighting the immense untapped potential that Africa has brought in the table in shaping the future of the arbitration sector,” he explains

Dr. Mutubwa said that this will help in improving domestic business and investment and make Kenya as the hub too,he said that Africa states must be embraced by the world in order for adoption of modernised arbitration laws.

“First, investment in the continent is increasing and, with it, the demand for international arbitration. Second, African governments are actively supporting the development of world-class international arbitration on home soil.”,Dr. Mutubwa added

“Our main aim is to Africanize Arbitration to make Africa to use there Arbitration centres in Africa to sort disputes,he said

Africa already has established arbitration centres for international arbitration.

This conference is being organised by the Nairobi Center for International Arbitration (NCIA) in collaboration with Africa Arbitration Association,Kenya Charter Institute of arbitration branch among other leading Arbitration firms in Africa.

Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration,is the centre for promotion of international commercial arbitration and alternative forms of dispute resolution ,the centre was established in 2013 by the act of Parliament,under the Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration Act No.26 of 2013 as the Centre for promotion of international commercial arbitration and other alternative forms of dispute resolution.

The conference will be making Nairobi Arbitration sector becoming the Centre and Hub of the region.

The Africa Young Arbitrators have also been encouraged to take advantage and net.

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