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Kenyan Youth Demand an End to Fossil Fuels in Global End Fossil Fuels Mobilization

In a resounding global call to end fossil fuels, Kenyan youth join the world in leading a #EndFossilFuels mobilization event demanding a swift, equitable, and just termination of fossil fuel use. This movement, which has galvanized millions across the globe, is a prelude to the Climate Ambition Summit in New York and aims to highlight the devastating consequences of ongoing emissions.

The action was carried out in Nairobi by the Planet One – Ubunifu Hub community, in collaboration with Greenpeace Africa and Create 2030 volunteers.

“For the thousands of African youth marching to end fossil fuel expansion and the neo-colonial extraction that deepens hardship for our communities, this is a fight for our survival. It is a fight for our lives and well-being. And it’s a fight we must win.

We, the youth, raise our voices not just for Kenya, but for the entire continent. We demand that our leaders end the use and extraction of fossil fuels: the only way to have a future on a livable planet.” — [Robert Ruhiu – Ubunifu Hub Spokesperson]

Across the world, this mobilization is taking on multifaceted forms, including a monumental “March to End Fossil Fuels,” slated for September 17th during the Climate Ambition Summit in New York.

On Saturday, September 16th, at Planet One – Ubunifu Hub in Nairobi, Kenya, a series of compelling events are scheduled to unfold:

Campaign Skit: At 1:00pm, a thought-provoking play, organized and performed by the youth of Ubunifu Hub, will vividly portray the consequences of fossil fuel usage. This theatrical performance will also issue a call to leaders to safeguard our planet. The skit will be streamed live on Ubunifu Hub’s social media channels and is expected to last for one hour.

Activism Art Unveiling: A powerful piece of art, crafted by youth artists from Ubunifu Hub, will be unveiled. This artwork serves as an unfiltered message against fossil fuels and will provide a striking backdrop for event attendees to capture poignant images.

Twitter Storm: Dozens of dedicated Greenpeace volunteers will lead a digital mobilization effort. This campaign seeks to mobilize online Kenyan communities, raise awareness about the persistent climate crisis, and encourage active engagement and sharing. All messaging will resound with the theme “No More Fossil Fuels.”

March: In collaboration with Create 2030, a campaign march will commence at the Ubunifu Hub located at Cedar Court – Garden estate, Nairobi. Participants at the hub will vocalize their demand for an end to fossil fuels, with a photo session capturing their commitment to environmental protection.

“Create 2030 is employing creativity and innovation as necessary tools to see off fossil fuels. Our generation is striving to change the mindset of so many people in Kenya and Africa at large who do not believe the climate crisis is a real issue. Our message is clear: ‘Don’t be fossil fools!'” — Truphena Muthoni – Create 2030 spokesperson.

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