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NEMA Leads a National Clean Up

The National Environment Management Authority under the wise leadership of Managing Director Mamo Boru Mamo on Saturday led a global clean up in an auspicious occasion in Nanyuki.

“Am glad that Kenya is taking the lead in matters of waste management and NEMA is working very closely with various partners to ensure a clean and safe environment for all. NEMA has just started implementing the Sustainable Waste Management Act 2022. This initiative calls for a Green revolution in Kenya, while embracing responsible behaviour Extended Producer Responsibility.

The rallying call here is; Take responsibility, Think Green and Think Circularity. Your responsibility as a producer goes beyond the product life, you must mitigate pollution and think Green by minimizing environmental impacts and embrace circularity by ensuring that your product does not end up in the environment but remains in the value chain for a long time.

At the event, Nema Kenya Chairman, Emilio Mugo was represented by Sophia Matura, Vice Chairperson at WorldCleanupDay2023 in Nanyuki, Laikipia County.

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