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Senator Omar On the Versatility of Bamboo

The people of Mandera County has such a dedicated, committed and intelligent leader in Senator Mariam Sheikh Omar.

Other than the three fold major responsibilities of legislation, representation and oversight, The Hon Senator has extended her call of duty to environmental conservation.

The Hon senator has today underscored the versatility of the bamboo as the Globe scratches it’s head on the best approaches towards climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Hon Senator notes,

“#WorldBambooDay is a celebration of nature’s gift to humanity. It encourages us to recognize the invaluable contributions of bamboo to our lives,the environment,& our cultures.Embracing bamboo’s sustainability & versatility paves the way for a more sustainable & prosperous future.”

Kenya on Monday 18th September joined the rest of the world in marking the 2023 annual World Bamboo Day, set aside by the World Bamboo Organization in 2009 to raise awareness on the importance of bamboo in sustainable development, poverty alleviation, environmental conservation and cultural preservation.

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