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Madam CEO: Remain Tenacious Even After Failure

Madam Esther Muchemi, fondly known as Madam CEO is the GCEO of Samchi Group.

Many people in this life sometimes give up just because of failing on let’s say a project they had tried out.

But a Captain of the Industry, fondly known as Madam CEO Dr Esther Muchemi is sharing with us Friday morning motivation.

This is what the highly honoured Dr. Esther Muchemi, GCEO of Samchi Group of companies has to share with us:


And yes, the idea failed but you are not a failure.

I have been asked this question so many times, including yesterday, that I have come to understand and internalize that failure can have a serious hold on you.
It can birth fear, depression, economic, social and even spiritual “death” so to speak.

Let me begin by letting us know, that God did not create you a failure. Indeed I dare say, failure is a creation of man. Man has set standards of what failure is and what success is in their own eyes. They now use this to call you a failure and unfortunately, many have run with this narrative.

Over the years, I have learnt how empowering it is to refuse to be stopped by an idea that failed.

That idea that failed is a stepping stone to my next level of success!
The truth is, I want to fill my mind with positive energy because if I don’t, I end up confirming the failure, internalizing it and then it becomes me.

For any idea that fails, failed or will fail, you need to speak to it, and tell it -:

“You failed idea, I have seen and heard you. I worked hard on you but you decided not to give out fruits, so bye-bye. I am gone to the next great thing,bye-bye failed idea! I carry the lessons with me to be better in the next assignment. Bye!”

Don’t allow people to think of you as a failure, don’t give permission to You to think of yourself as a failure.

We learn, unlearn, and re-learn, must be our daily mindset.

I call you blessed, because that’s the truth, born to bear much fruit.

Are we together on this my great people?

I sign off.

Madam CEO.”

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