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Senator Tabitha Mutinda Underscores Importance of Women Inclusion Across the Divide

Nominated Senator in Nairobi County The Hon. Tabitha Mutinda didn’t mince her words when she addressed a high powered gathering Friday Morning at the Villa Rosa Kempinsiki hotel.

The sharp, intelligent, eloquent, forthright, charismatic yet down to earth meticulous and kindhearted Senator, when she rose to speak underscored the importance of including women both in the financial and non financial sphere.

She was addressing more than 500 women gathered courtesy of Family Bank whilst rolling out a financial Inclusivity product for the women.

“When you empower a woman you empower a community. That’s why as a Senator I’m delighted to be part of this conversation to spur more women Inclusivity across the spectrum.

The Senator also underscored the importance of women to do more to transform the Nation to prosperity

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