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Gathoni Paints a Bright Picture from Grass to Grace

Githunguri member of parliament Gathoni wa Muchomba delivered an earthshaking, motivational and inspiring speech during the inaugural launch of Queen Banking by Family Bank.

Gathoni started off by painting a humorous picture of how she worked at Family Bank for just three days simply because she couldn’t be confined to a quiet space whilst her background is that of continuity announcer.

Gathoni who is persuing her PhD in the University of Nairobi is not just a politician but a brilliant gifted scholar with tennets of law making skills . She in her first term proposed two bills one of which is the Geriatric bill 2019 which is now at last stage to provide dignity to elderly persons of Kenya .

Motivatingly, Gathoni narrated,

“I owned two properties as a student at the University of Nairobi courtesy of empowerment of Family Bank. This bank has made me who I am today.
I happen to come from very far. I came from a family where I couldn’t afford my school fees. I learnt through well wishers. Sometimes God can put you through those waves to make you who you are.

So whenever you see some of us fighting the way we do, kindly understand where we come from.

Fiends are like stars. They shine to you during your darkest moments. I thank Family Bank for what I am today. Family Bank has been one of my brightest stars and

I’m still at home.
Family Bank is my Home.

Gathoni is an independent thinker, principled and stands her ground observing tenets of integrity, transparency, steadfastness and unrivaled character.

She left tongues wagging when she stood her ground in defence of the poor mwananchi christened “Wanjiku” from oppressive taxes and levies.

Gathoni, donned with an impenetrable armour didn’t mince her words when she rose on the floor of the House opposing the oppression.

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