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Digitisation of Social Protection services

The Government through the State Department of Social protection is spearheading the digitisation if social protection services.
Speaking during the launch of community development information management system portal, PS in the state department of Social protection Joseph Motari noted:

“PS Motari noted,

“We are here today to launch our CDMIS this one is simply to digitise the issuance of certificates as you know we are in charge of the community self help groups and off course as you know the groups need the certificates. We have had serious delays over these certificates, we have had various complaints from members of the public complaining the certificates are not reaching them.
So what we decided to do as guided by our president His Excellency Dr William Ruto is that we digitise the way other services have been digitised.

This has been ongoing as far as the year 2021, we’ve not started this today but now we are happy that we have actualised this and from now henceforth the groups will be getting their certificates from the nearest huduma centres in the republic even in their own comfort they’re able to log in and get these certificates in good time so that’s why we are here today and that’s why we decided to do it within our huduma centre.

On his part principal Secretary for public service Amos Gatheca noted,

“Today we are here to witness the launch of the community development information management system by the state department for social protection and they have decided to do this at this huduma centre and as you know huduma centre is well spread out in the country they’re represented in every county we have 52 centers and these centres will be the ones that will be handling this particular function.

As the government is digitising we are encouraging departments to bring those services to the Huduma centres so that they can be readily available to members of the public and therefore we are happy when we see social protection coming up with this initiative and we are very happy for this launch.”

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