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Empowering Youths Thru Job Creation

James Mbugua from Ruai is a patriotic Kenyan. He is the proprietor of Boaz Metal Arts which uses waste scrap metal and makes useful things.

Through his innovative thought, Mr James gives an opportunity to youths after rehabilitating them especially by showing them hands on skills to craft very attractive items

Some of the notable items include the Coat of Arms using scrap metal. This is important because it helps in environmental conservation because they don’t use trees.

Using the scrap metal sheets is very important because the items are durable, secondly they are hardy as opposed to some cheap imports from China which are made of either plastic or fiber glass, which with time becomes toxic to the environment and public health.

The Government has also been very keen to uplift the jua Kali artisans through empowerment.

We would like the government to support us by purchasing our merchandise because they portray our country’s heritage and rich culture.

This is why we came here at the Nairobi International Trade Fair for the purposes of visibility.

The sculpted wild animals can be used especially by the KWS in a bid to market our rich heritage of national parks and national reserves.

We also make small animals that can be used as souvenirs or gift items especially for our iconic athletes who make our country proud.

We also specially customized items to fit our clients needs.

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