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KEWOPA on Frontline to Fight OBV

Under her unwavering commitment support and care, KEWOPA (Kenya Women Parliamentarians) has underscored and demonstrated commitment to fight in totality all forms of Obstetric Violence.

Obstetric violence is the broad definition of all forms of harassment be it verbal and physical that women undergo during childbirth.

The able, talented, forthright, charismatic and golden hearted Leah Sankaire called for concerted efforts by all stakeholders to end abuse against women.

Sankaire said as KEWOPA they are fully committed to see to it that the legal framework encompasses an Article calling for criminalisation of obstetric violence.

“Never again shall our women be put to shame during childbirth. Some birth attendants make women feel guilty when doing an Honorable thing of bringing life to the world.
Women must be given dignity and respect when giving birth

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