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This is How Wakili Edward Muriu s star is shining

Gatanga member of parliament The Honorable Wakili Edward Muriu is an extraordinary legislator. He attaches great attention, zeal and focus towards fulfilling the call of duty.

“Today, on behalf of the Justice and Legal Committee (JLAC) I chaired the National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCAJ) breakfast meeting together with the Chief Justice and the President of the Supreme Court Hon. Martha Koome.

The meeting brought together judges, Members of Parliament and other stakeholders in the justice legal system. We were taken through a number of proposed amendments to the already outdated Penal code that was enacted in 1930 which are aimed at promoting access to justice….

…..enshrined under Article 48 of the Constitution.The review of the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Act legal framework is far reaching.The amendments have been submitted before JLAC for scrutiny and subsequently be brought before the house for debate.

I wish to commend the good work done by the NCAJ led by Grace Ngenye Judge of Appeal and assured the CJ that we shall ensure the proposals are enacted into law.”

From our desk we wish Wakili Edward Muriu, Gatanga MP three things: Good health and longevity, God’s immeasurable blessings and a heart of gold

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