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Hon Mary Maingi: Increase KERRA money to boost rural infrastructure

Member of parliament for Mwea Constituency The Honorable Mary Maingi has welcomed the recommendations to have Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KERRA) money upscaled terming the move as a step in the right direction since it will go along way to spur infrastructure development especially in the rural areas.

The Hon MP embodying confidence, beauty, intelligence and glamour, shining with integrity, virtues and humility had this to say:

“In fact the KERRA money should be increased from 22 it should go to 32 because we have Constituencies like mine which are so left behind which are so needy in terms of infrastructure so I’d like them to increase the amount.

On the pillar of education the honourable Mary Maingi called for an increase of the kitty.

“Absolutely. Education is a basic need for every child in this country even if I’m the best in allocation of bursary I still have very needy cases that cannot go beyond because what I allocated was still not enough.

And I’m telling you if we can be able to fix areas concerning education, if we can have an educated generation then all the other challenges we have insecurity, and other areas can fall into place.

An educated generation is an empowered generation. Because when you have educated kids, those kids can even be employers, they can employ themselves, they don’t even have to look for jobs they can reliably depend on themselves and employ others.

On women in leadership, Hon Mary Maingi had this to say:

‘i think what we need to do is to put a spirited campaign to have clean Politics because the things we go through during our campaigning period is what puts off even capable leaders like women. Women you know will shy away when you call them names so if you can campaign for clean Politics, siasa bila balaa hiyo itasaidia sana.”

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